Lud-Mayom: Floating Relief Center

Klong Lud mayom floating market is very popular in tourism who loved to travel with the nature and interested in people life along with the water trading. Especially, this area stills keep the old image of market to the present, it makes Lud mayom market became to be popular with the simply image and invite many tourism come to contact the old market in Bangkok. Until market that has problem from flooding, and then this area have to close. The local people have to leave from their house. So, Lud mayom need to reconstruct and can grow up again by thinking how to beware and protect people from the nature disaster for decrease many problem in that time such as not enough habitat, food, and hope Lud mayom can help them from the difficult time.

Lud-Mayom floating market can be one place to help people who have a trouble by help them to has have habitat in short time, and be the center to distribute object to the people. The marker always open, in normal, the market will be the relax place, trading, and meeting for people. By the material will easy to find in the area and show the obvious image of the market such as pinewood, bamboo these materials can find around area and cheap so, it can decrease the money for construct and usage.


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