Bicycle Commuting: The way of Bike

For the Bicycle Commuting, the location is on the Makkasan district. In the past, Bang-Phlat was an inner part of Phra Nakhon district which called Bang-Phlat district. Then it was reduced as a Subdistrict of theBang-kok-noi, Thonburi. Later on there was an integration between Thonburi province and PhraNakhon into a metropolitan, Bangkok. Surrounding the site consist of many building types. Most ofthem, Commercial type is the most that located surrounding the site and consist of residential type suround the commercial type.

For the Building, I want to make interaction between building and track. people become a part of the building when come to the building. So, the overall of space is a route. The people can ride in every space. And also people can see the activities in difference direction not just only normal view. People can closely perceive the experience. I use the oval shape for the building because this form has more surface to interact. And it can put together that is an advantage of symmetry form.





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