AMPHIBIOUS HABITAT: The growing of futuristic community (competition Final list)

Design team:  Achawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, Peerapon karunwiwat

According to the unstable delta condition as flooding situation in Thailand, it is caused by changing environment, we have many problems those occur in this case such as in term of lacking of the food and energy, transportation, supplement, something is not provided in this case, the existing networks are disconnected, changing of life process, so all of them are directly effect to our life. Our vision, we have designed the future living for unstable delta by using the ecology system by studying the behavior of mangroves system in term of life process how they adapt to live with changing of environment surrounding in two conditions as water comes up and down in term of physical as structure. So, we have designed the community that can adapt and support the unstable delta as changing environment by using the natural ecology system, the architecture can adjust to the proper activities and function follow the changing environment and provided infrastructure , urban facilities, energy management, pattern organization and living space to encourage the life process in unstable delta.


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