Symbiosis Living (B1 magazine competition) 1st runner-up Prize



Design team: Achawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, Peerapon karunwiwat

For the Bangkok area, this area is a congested urban area, there are many types of building such as low-rise building, mid-rise building, and high-rise. In our designed, we proposed to use existing building as high-rise building that produced the waste products as waste water, rubbish and also use more energy in the day. From the research, the high-rise building produces the waste water 30,000 liter/day. So, according the result, we proposed to design a self-sufficient house that use the waste products to support itself, it becomes a “Zero Energy Living”







4 thoughts on “Symbiosis Living (B1 magazine competition) 1st runner-up Prize

  1. Hello, I’m Architecture & Culture Magazine in Korea. I interesting this project, So I want to introduce you project in our magazine, But I don’t know your E-mail address. If you have want to our magazine, Please send me E-mail. So I will send proposal E-mail to you.

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