KMUTT Learning Center


“BIOMIMICRY” concept. Written in KMUTT roadmap 2020, the university is aspiring to be one of the world class universities in the area of Science and Technology. Learning Innovation, Research Excellence and Humanization are the three fundamental goals the university determined to put for its Roadmap 2020.
Keywords: -Green University -Walking campus -Common Open Space Approach -Multi-purpose Space (Flexible used) -Clear & Clean and Compact zoning -Easy for Security and Maintenance


For the Learning Innovation, I have used biomimicry as a natural inspiration to make the building harmony with the context. The building became a new transition of the university to transfer people to go to each building. And I use structure that can show the potential of the engineering because the image of the university is engineering, the biomimetic strategies that integrate form, material, and structure into a single process. The structure is derived from the geometry of an infinite array of the structure. The structure in the building is a light weight structure.was designed along the main circulation.




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